Japanese Hiker Spots Menehune on Hike

Here’s a bizarre backwoods tale out of tropical islands of Hawai’i. Apparently Mark Takehara, 24, Japanese visitor to Oahu, claims to have seen a tiny leprechaunish creature weaving on and off of a trail in Maunawili Falls during a hike. Takehara was with friends on Friday afternoon during the outing, but strayed away to relieve himself in a bush when he saw the magical looking little midget. After he made it back to join his friends, he described what he had seen to his pal and fellow hiker, Amy Fukotami (an Oahu native) who said it sounded like a ‘Menehune’ and laughed. Fukotami, believes Takehara had spent an unusual amount of time wandering off the trail alone and though he stated he was ONLY searching for a good spot to pee, he also smelled of ‘white shark’ (a kind of cannabis described by locals as mystical yet adventurous). Ha! The culprit!

Chances of having seen a Menehune (a tiny mischievous forest dweller who roam the deep forest at night) are unlikely in Oahu. Menehune siting’s in the area are rare with the last claimed being as far back as 1947. People seriously considering searching for Menehune should probably stick to Kauai where the most recent siting was in 1972.

via Japawii.com