Looking for 2-Story Outhouses?

Here’s a roadside attraction that
could prove quite useful for you and your cohorts on long cross-country drives. I mean, I couldn’t really imagine
looking for a two-story crapper otherwise, but I suppose
outhouse hunting could make a pleasant day activity. Sure. Roadside America directs our attention to towns across the U.S.
duking it out for the World’s Only 2-Story Outhouse. Their insightful look at the various outhouses located in Dover,
Arkansas; Bell Plaine, Minnesota and Gays, Illinois (to name only a few) helps to narrow the claims down into smaller
categories of outhouse fame.

For instance Phelps, NY holds the title for America’s only 2-story brick
outhouse while a historic home in Minnesota has a skyway connecting the upstairs of the outhouse to the house proper,
making it home of the 2-story outhouse. You gotta admit a skyway sounds pretty swanky, eh? If you want to bypass all
the others and go straight for the one with the World’s title go to the Booger Hollow Trading Post in Arkansas, where
upper level seems to be closed off until they figure out plummin’.  Feel free to number one or two in the
"Maw" and "Paw" stations on the ground floor. They’re ah workin’ fine, I reckon.

vist these outhouse landmarks make sure and see Roadside
for directions.