One Night Stand: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Despite all the negative things my overly biased friend and native of Oklahoma City had to say about the place I somehow managed to find more than enough activities to keep me entertained on a one day jaunt through the town. For starters I had to check out the Oklahoma City National Memorial. I was fairly young when the incident happened, but I was very surprised and pleased to find how well the memorial was done.

Next stop was through the popular downtown destination, Bricktown, known for restaurants and a few small shops scattered here and there. Bricktown was a lot like the way my friend described it would be and I could see myself tiring of the scene in a short amount of time, but for one day it rocked my socks off. As luck would have it I was able to catch an outdoor jazz festival and do some dancing at LiT. I know I’m being skimpy with the details, but we’ll say what happens in Oklahoma City stays in Oklahoma City (not that anything scandalous happened). Follow the links for further detail and in short, the OKC is OK by me.

On one last note, is it me or is this a city filled with pretty people?