Effects of Terrorism – New Airline Restrictions

Ugh, it’s Friday evening and here I am riding the bandwagon by putting my teeny blog piece on the possible long lasting new airline restrictions in place at the moment into the blogosphere. Before the month end I’ve got a few airports to fly in and out of and I’m already dreading the process. Double UGH! What it must be like for the real Road Warriors/Business travelers out there, I don’t ever want to imagine, but reading this CNN article takes you there, man.

By this time we’ve all probably heard the no liquids, no beverages, no lotions and no hair gel restrictions, but how much further will it go? A friend of mine flying back home from Europe tomorrow tells me they won’t be allowed to take any carry-on luggage on the plane at all. What a nightmare! Think if they really were to keep a restriction like no carry-on luggage in place for a while. Longer waits at baggage claim would only be the beginning.

Anybody out there just getting in or out of an airport with all this commotion happening? If so, tell us what airport did you flew through and what the situation was like.