The North Face Endurance 50

Dean KarnazesIn 35 days, 6 hours, and 45 minutes Dean Karnazes will take on 50 marathons in 50 states over a period of 50 consecutive days. Sponsored by the North Face, Dean will start his test of endurance on September 17th in Missouri and will finish November 5th in New York. Now a couple of things here just to make sure we’re all on the same page. A marathon is defined as a 26.2 mile long run, walk or jog. This marathon mad man is out to do 50. I said he is out to do 50, folks. That is a total of 1,310 miles for 50 days straight. Why is he doing this? Oh, well, you know – to transcend preconceived human notions about endurance. To inspire people to test their own personal limits.

As a first-timer going into this whole marathon thing (Detroit – October) I don’t know if I’d want to take my personal limits any further than this first and probably only marathon. Yesterday, I had one of the roughest if not worst training days yet and can’t imagine why any human being would want to perform such a feat in such a short time span. I decided to run the Detroit marathon, not because I’m a fan of running at all, but because I’d never been to Detroit. Plus the race also goes into Canada. Horrible – I know. Dean will most definitely see more of the U.S., but will he enjoy it? I can’t wait to follow the updates online. My knees ache and I’m only thinking about what Dean’s knees will feel like.

Will you be one of the ones to run with Dean in the North Face Endurance 50 or will you be on the sidelines checking out the local scene? What do you think marathon runners? “Go-Dean-Go! or No-Dean-No!”