Wag Hotels

Forget traveling with the kids. On my flight out from Jersey into Orlando I noticed unusually high numbers in canines on board and few children. Unless everyone flying in with their dog was heading home then they had to be taking their pet to some animal-friendly hotel, but where? Since I don’t have any pets, nor do I live in Orlando I didn’t exactly set out to find pet-friendly hotels in the Orlando area, rather just hotels catering to puppy and kitty in general. That being said, I bring to you Wag Hotels. Based out of California, this line of uppity, yet affordable pet boarding and kenneling, looks like a pretty nice place to take your pooch. During their stay at Wag Hotels pets will have the opportunity to play with other pets and make new friends all under the care and supervision of the extensively trained staff. Does your dog need a massage? How about a swim the pool or even a peaceful nap? Wag’s experts can see that it happens. In short, if you happen to be in the Sacramento or San Fran, CA areas or heading there make sure you don’t over look placing your pup in some average old pet-friendly haunt. Give them star treatment!