I Would Have Simply Filled-in the Comment Card

We’ve all experienced poor service from hotel staff. I’m reminded of the raw sewage that repeatedly flooded into our room at a 4-star hotel in Egypt, while the manager kept saying, “It’s not a problem, my friend.”

Confronted with problems, you can scream, keep quiet, complain, or you can spread the word about it after you leave. But some folks like the take-the-law-into-their-own-hands approach.

An Iowa man was fined $279 by a court for throwing a 60-pound pig over the front desk at the Holiday Inn Express in West Point, Mississippi. Good news is that officials say no one was hurt, not even the pig.

Apparently, the culprit deals with all service complaints in a similar fashion: he is being brought up on charges of throwing another animal in a Hardee’s restaurant more recently.