Deepest Snow in the World

Mt. Baker, in Washington’s northern Cascades is a lesser-known gem of a ski area, and well worth the trip. About three hours by car north from Seattle, this is pure skiing country: no frills, no megaresorts, no pretense. In fact, there is no real estate sold around the ski area and it it has no overnight accommodation. And best of all? Mt. Baker has had the record for the world’s biggest recorded snowfall: 1140 inches (1999). Heck, they average 647 inches per year.

Although it’s been a few years since I’ve been there, I can attest to being nearly alone on the mountain, sun-drenched and literally waist-deep in incredible, fresh powder. All this, while paying under $40 for a lift ticket, and avoiding the (kinda) nearby crowds of Whistler.

Do me a favor. Don’t tell your friends about this place.