Off the Beaten Path: Making Out in Italy

Those 30-year-old Italian bachelors who still live with their parents–and hence lack the indoor space to make out–are saved. The town of Bari, Italy, opened a park where couples can have sex freely (but not for free). All they have to do is pay a $4 admission and $2 for every half hour they stay.

It’s not unusual for Italians to live with their parents until they are in their late twenties, even thirties. In fact, this study says that 8 out of 10 Italian men aged between 18 and 30 live with their folks.

My friend who lives in Spain says that many Spanish young adults do the same thing because they a) cannot afford to rent/buy their own place and b) don’t want to give up mom’s cooking. Many of them use their cars for romantic escapades since they can’t really bring their girlfriends home. Apparently, visiting parking lots after 10pm can be pretty entertaining…