American Wants Women

This week, American Airlines launched a female-centric web site with a focus on connecting women fliers. The airline’s new offering features ideas for safe, fun, and relaxing travel. Some of the items on the front page include “Girlfriend Getaways,” “Book Recommendations,” and “Travel Chic.”

The airline notes that 50 million women fly American annually, and that number accounts for a little less than half of their total passengers. The company introduced the site with the hopes of boosting their sales to women by 2%. (That translates to a cool $94 million for those playing at home.)

I tried out the site, and it’s pretty weak. The content consists mostly of short bullet points that don’t provide any useful information. For example, a page targeted to business women advises them to check-in online, use personalized luggage tags, and sign up for frequent flier miles. I’d think anyone who travels often already knows how to do all of those things. Come on, American. I know you only want a 2% spike, but put some heart into it.