Swiss City Turns Financial District into Sweet Living Room

DeputyDog shares these photos of an outdoor “living room” in Switzerland. Yes, you read that right; This is outside. The city of St. Gallen laid out plush, red carpet among the stodgy buildings of their financial district. The installation is called “Stadtlounge” which translates from German to English as “city lounge.” I love how the fabric pours out over the streets and rises in gorgeous curves to form ultra-chic couches.

If you’d like to learn more — and you can read German — check out the official Stadtlounge site. If you can’t read German, or if you’re just lazy, sneak a peek at more city lounge photos after the jump…

[via Reddit]

You know, I’d love to see someone treat this public living room as his own by walking around in boxers or passing out on a couch while an episode of Family Guy blares in the background.

This is what happens when you don’t pay your parking tickets. I kid. There’s not really a car under there, but that would be a great way for the city to get a point across.

Seeing all of this lounge furniture makes me think that martini-drinking hipsters will soon take over St. Gallen’s financial district.