Come Visit Portland, OR! Just Don’t Move Here, Please.

It rains here all the time, it really does. Do not move here, you will regret it! At least that’s what the locals want you to think. The more people move here, the more developed and expensive the city will become. While the “transplants” generally like that idea, a lot of locals dread it.

In terms of quality of life, Portland consistently ranks near the top of all American cities. Oregon seems to have it all — vibrant urban life, mountains, beach, desert, woods… without the prices of California. Not yet at least. I am actually in Portland this week and loving it. Since living here in the late nineties, the city has grown and changed a lot. The once edgy and artsy Pearl District–however fun and chic it still is–has become a sanctuary of rich white people, it seems.

In terms of rainfall, I am here to tell you that it really is not bad. I would take Portland over New York any time. According to a recent study, the Top 10 wettest cities are all in the Southeast. However, Olympia, WA ranks first in the number of rainy days each year (63). Olympia is only two hours north of Portland. See? Believe the locals, you don’t want to live here. Especially, I hear, if you are from California.