New Luxury Hotel Coming to West Hollywood

According to Virgo, my zodiac sign, (see post), the perfect vacation for me is a luxury resort. I’m not sure if I would have made that choice, but thinking I ought to look into the possibility, I sought one out. The thing is, luxury resorts make me feel like I’m playing pretend. I’m a more of a budget travel kind of gal. Whenever I’ve gone uptown, ending up in a room with those thick plush bathrobes, fancy shampoos and highly polished wood furniture with drawers that glide so smoothly that you barely hear them open and close, I feel as if I’ve won some grand prize, and in the morning will return to my regular person kind of life.

In my fantasyland, here’s one resort hotel that looks like it would be a swell place to play pretend. The London West Hollywood, formerly The Bel Age Hotel is slated to open January 2008. West Hollywood, California is where one of my best friends used to live. It was the perfect place for a stop when we either flew in or out of the United States when we lived in Asia. Many a time I worked off jet lag with a hike in nearby Runyon Canyon and picked up pastry at one of the neighborhood Russian bakeries. My friend has since moved to Butte, Montana leaving us to find other accommodations if we stay there.

So, if I had a different kind of life, staying at The London West Hollywood of Luxury Resorts would not be too shabby. Just sampling the bath items on the counter would thrill me. Just look at that soap. So oval like and smooth. The Q-tips and cotton balls so carefully placed. All that marble. So orderly. So Virgo like.