TSA warns screeners of its own tests

The Transportation Security Administration is so committed to air travel safety that it’s conducting tests at airport security checkpoints. The only problem? During at least one test, the Administration warned its screeners that a test was under way, and even provided details of undercover agents. The TSA sent out an email to more than a dozen recipients warning that security testing by the FAA and Department of Transportation was under way.

And the email got detailed: the Associated Press reports that the e-mail “relayed an alert that described a couple who were testing security. The woman is white but has ‘an oriental woman’s picture’ on her identification card, it stated. ‘They will print a boarding pass from a flight, change the date, get through security (if not noticed) and try to board a flight and place a bag in the overhead.'”

The TSA won’t comment on the incident, and emphasizes its commitment to safety.

[via Msnbc]