Greyhound gets a makeover

Greyhound buses and major terminals are getting updated, and my response to that news is “thank goodness!” It seems that every experience I’ve had with Greyhound involved scuttling cockroaches and pee-splattered toilets. There always seems to be a buzzing florescent light flickering in every dirty, gray waiting area.

But the company reports that it spent $60 million to “freshen up 1250 of its buses and its largest terminals.” Updates include new seats, paint jobs, refurbished restrooms, and plasma-screen TVs in waiting areas. Next, Greyhound plans to launch an ad campaign aimed both at bringing back old customers and attracting new riders between the ages of 18 and 24.

While I don’t anticipate that I’ll be riding around like a rajah anytime soon, new seats, new paint, and refurbished bathrooms just might entice this former customer to give the company another shot. What about you?