TSA screeners fail to catch explosives at security checkpoint

First, the Transportation Security Administration tipped off screeners to a “covert” security test (the company later denied that the email was a tip-off). Now, government investigators successfully smuggled liquid explosives and detonators past airport security. The Associated Press writes,

The investigators learned about the components to make an improvised explosive device and an improvised incendiary device on the Internet and purchased the parts at local stores, said the report by the Government Accountability Office. Investigators were able to purchase the components for the two devices for under $150, and they studied the published guidelines for screening to determine how to conceal the prohibited items as they went through checkpoint security.

The investigators concluded, basically, that it doesn’t take much to slip past security with all the necessary components for a homemade bomb.

The TSA defended itself by noting that there are many more layers of security beyond major checkpoints. Good point, but if you can make it through the x-ray machines and wands as well as the veritable strip search, it seems like you could probably make it through anything.

What do you think? Planning to fly anywhere over the Thanksgiving holiday?