Greyhound gets priority boarding and assigned seating

Greyhound is getting more than just a $60-million makeover; now the company is following its airline counterpart Southwest and offering priority boarding and seating. For only 5 extra dollars, you can not only reserve your seat, but you can be one of the first to board as well.

You won’t get to choose your seat and board early on every trip; the Los Angeles Times notes that Greyhound is introducing this service on only about a dozen popular routes. Furthermore, you can’t use the service through the internet — you’ll need to do it in person at the bus terminal anywhere from 45 days to 30 minutes before your ride leaves.

For only $5 extra, it seems like everyone will want to take advantage of this service. I’m wondering what will happen if everyone decides to go for the “priority” option. It could be a real bummer for those who are the last to register. What do you think?