Cuddly cats ease Tokyo’s workday pressures

It’s been quite the week for animal stories on Gadling. I posted about Japan’s pet rental agencies and the opportunity to adopt a Tasmanian Devil, and Iva joined in with her story on adopting animals through the World Wildlife Fund.

Here’s the latest (and hopefully the last I hear some of you sigh…) cutesy animal story – for this week at least.

In Japan, (of course…), Tokyo’s Cafe Cat Calico has a whole team of friendly moggies in residence just waiting to be petted and cuddled by worn out workers on their way home. For 800 yen (around $7) an hour, customers can spend quality time with their favourite feline. Weekends are busiet with up to 150 pet-friendly punters streaming in per day to have a cuddle with a cat.

After that many strangers wandering through, I reckon more than a few of the cats must look forward to closing time.