Holiday cheer from New York City

I had a New York moment last night when coming back home.

I was in the West Village, waiting for a subway train on the platform. I sat down. A guy in his thirties sits down next to me. Within about ten seconds, he starts vomiting uncontrollably. Literally, his “performance” lasted about 3 minutes. I ran as far from him as possible with the sound of projectile vomiting echoing around me. Bizarre.

Honestly, I have had a lot of people throwing up in my presence lately. I don’t take it personally although it is not exactly the kind of “strong reaction” one hopes for. Holidays parties will do that to people, I guess.

I just kept thinking about the people who clean New York subways every day. That’s not a job to envy, that’s for sure. Happy holidays to you, subway maintenance folks!