Considering an airport lounge membership? Think again

I know Grant recently wrote about how he enjoyed his airport lounge membership. I don’t know if WorldPerks (Northwest) does a better job than OnePass (Continental) but I am actually bitterly disappointed with mine.

I have had a Continental Presidents Club pass for about a year now, and, honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would want one. Once you get in, it is hard to find a spot to sit peacefully, because the place is always packed (with people on conference calls, usually). They serve terrible food, if you can call crackers and some cheap cheese “food.” Yes, they do have free newspapers and magazines, although their choice of magazines is quite peculiar — they range from what looks like advertising brochures on golf vacations to Spanish-language pop culture rags. OK, they do have free booze. “Free” is relative, though, since you actually pay for the membership ($400+ dollars annually.) My favorite part is the bathroom. They do have nicer bathrooms than what you find in most terminals. Is it worth $400? You tell me.

To be fair, I spend most of my “lounge” time in the New York metropolitan area and, perhaps, the lounges here are worse than average. Perhaps I am too spoiled by the lounges in Europe which are typically so much nicer! Or, perhaps Continental just gives out way too many of these memberships free with credit cards…