Relax, sushi lovers in Japan respond

Crazy Americans! You almost hear the dinner conversations in Japan right about now. Just as New Yorkers are “worried” to “panicked” about toxic levels of mercury found in several sushi restaurants in New York, the Japanese are not worried. ..just like every Japanese woman is perfectly OK eating sushi while pregnant.

The Mercury News (what a perfect name for a newspaper to cover this story) reports today that everyone in Japan apparently knows that tuna is high in mercury. That’s why you only eat a few pieces a week. It won’t kill you. The Japanese government even exempts tuna from its legal limit on mercury in seafood because it is not caught coastally.

Japanese sushi lovers interviewed in the story, said it would take more than a U.S. report to take them away from their tuna rolls, and they argued a little mercury was probably harmless compared to the fats and oils in something like a hamburger and fries.

Considering Japan’s life expectancy is higher that the US, they probably have a point.