Be part of Improv Everywhere

If you thought, “How cool is that?” when reading Jerry’s post on stopping time in Grand Central Station and wish you had been involved, it is possible to get in on some improv action yourself. Improv Everywhere, the New York City-based group that pulls off these clever pranks has spin-off groups in other cities.

Global Improv Everywhere is found across the United States, as well as, Vancouver, Toronto, London and the Netherlands with membership in each chapter ranging from 50+ to over 100. Anyone can join in the creating public “joy” and “chaos” efforts–the aim of Improv Everywhere missions. Currently there is a plan to do a nationwide freeze on February 23. Check out the Web site for details and also to find out how to join up with a chapter in your city if there is one or start one yourself. You can also hook up with the New York City version by registering online. You can also get an Improv Everwhere T-shirt with this logo on it..

Being in an Improve Everywhere stunt seems a bit less intimidating than being in a Spencer Tunick nude photo shoot.