Adventurer Fossett legally declared dead

It has been five months since Steve Fossett, the millionaire businessman and a holder of about 100 world records (including flying a plane solo non-stop around the globe,) disappeared flying his plane over the Nevada desert. The court in Chicago has now declared him dead, after his wife filed a petition in order to execute his will, which is supposed to be an eight-figure sum, BBC reports.

After Fossett’s disappearance, extensive search operation was carried out in Nevada and California. While the search discovered several previously undiscovered downed planes, some of which were decades old, neither Mr Fossett, nor his single engine plane, were found.

I bet if Fossett had to change anything about his life, he wouldn’t change much. He died the way he loved to live.

Not that it matters, but I also wonder if any insurance company would actually provide life insurance to anyone, who’s unofficial title is “the adventurer.”