Adios, Fidel! Cuba won’t be the same without you (hopefully)

I cannot believe Fidel Castro actually resigned as the president of Cuba. I mean he is only 81 years old and still has plenty of energy to keep him going for at least 35 more years! Was I the only one who thought that Fidel was actually immortal? Well, we’ll still have to see about that.

In his written speech to the nation, Fidel said that he is not “fading into the sunset.” It’s just that his health is not allowing him to dedicate the energy necessary to run a country. I am sure running a totalitarian state takes a lot out of you. You know, it’s lonely at the top.

According to the NY Times, Fidel’s statement raised the possibility that little would change after Sunday, when the National Assembly meets to select a new head of state. Cuba will probably continue to be ruled in essence by two presidents, “with Raúl Castro (Fidel’s brother) on stage while Fidel Castro lurked in the wings.”

Reuters reported that Fidel’s resignation was unlikely to make the United States lift its trade embargo on Cuba. See, just more of the same old.