Around the world with miles – Cheaper than you think

If you’ve been hanging on to a cache of frequent flyer miles or are trying to burn them (due to an impending merger, for example), I’ve found a great way to use them up:

Around the world tickets for 140,000 miles.

Using a special fare created by airline alliances, you can take advantage of an entire network of carriers to work your way across the globe. So you can use a combination of services to bounce from one city to another to another around the world.

Market prices of these tickets could easily reach into multiple thousands of dollars.

The requirements, at least, per Skyteam’s rules, state that you can stop a maximum of six times, three times max. per continent, for a minimum of 10 days and maximum of 1 year. That’s a lot of combinations though.

I’ve been thinking about the ideal itinerary for myself bearing the requirements in mind and have tentatively decided on the following routing:

Detroit – Paris – Johannesburg – Dubai – Mumbai – Beijing – Sydney – Detroit

I’m starting to save miles now.