Michelangelo’s David, after a short stay in America

I got this email from a couple of different people: “After a short stay in America, David returns to Italy.” You know what’s coming before you even open the picture. David gets FAT.

It reminds me of my first extended stay in America. When I first lived in the US as a student in 1994, I gained 30 pounds and 3 months. Yep, it was a not a pleasant sight. The thing is, I am not the type of person who ever gains weight. Until I moved here, I never thought it was possible for me to gain weight. It took me a year (after leaving the US) to lose those pounds.

I still can’t figure out why. It didn’t seem that I was eating more than I was used to. I had exercise. Some people tell me that it was probably just because I completely changed my eating habits and ate more carbs than I did before. Others claim that the additives in US food is what makes people gain weight.

I don’t know what it was. I do feel bad for David though. (Geez, lay off the pasta, man!)