No way! Australia beats US as world’s fattest nation

This is hard to believe, but I don’t think The Sydney Morning Herald would make it up just to beat the US at something.

The Herald reports that, according to a new report, 26 per cent of adult Australians – almost 4 million people – are now obese, 1 million more than the last calculation in 1999.

The findings mean Australia is the world’s most overweight nation, ahead of even Americans, who have a 25 per cent obesity rate.

The report says that 9 million adults have a body mass index over 25, making them overweight or obese, an increase from 7 million. Experts have called for obese people to be given gym discounts and for surgical waiting lists to be prioritized on the basis of weight loss.

I just don’t really see it. I went to Australia in 2005 and I didn’t see fat people anywhere. Seriously, where does Australia hide them all?