French people must stop thinking about holidays, says new minister

I don’t think the new minister will be popular in France. And that’s even if she doesn’t marry a former supermodel.

Christine Lagarde, France’s first female minister for finance and economy, said that it is time for French people to “roll up their sleeves and stop thinking about holidays.” Five weeks of vacation guaranteed by the state, to be exact.

“Instead of thinking about their work, people were thinking about their weekend… organizing, planning and engineering time off,” she told BBC.

BBC also reports that the former international lawyer, impressed by the work ethic during her time in the US, is intent on instilling the same spirit in her countrymen and women. (The spirit of not taking time off?)

Didn’t President Sarkozy try doing the same thing before his popularity went down the drain?
The lesson? Don’t mess with the French and their vacation time.