Annoyance Alert: United resurrecting “Saturday night stay required”

This is not the first time I have complained on gadling about the uber-stupid Saturday night rule.

For those of you young enough not to remember the rule: airlines used to require passengers to stay Saturday night, in order for them to take advantage of the cheapest tickets.

Sometime in the last decade, more and more airlines stopped imposing minimum stays, because, well – how does one put it – it didn’t make any sense. Once those low cost carries started popping up, traditional airlines needed to be competitive.

Now, the Saturday night monster is back!

USA Today reports that United is not only raising fares, it’s also bringing back those minimum-stay rules that used to be the norm. The minimum-stay requirements will depend on an itinerary’s route and fare. For example travelers booking the cheapest seats between Chicago and Minneapolis or Boston and San Diego will now be forced to stay three nights or the entire weekend.

In other words, business travelers are the ones who’ll suffer the most. Hotels, on the other hand, must love it.

Start planning those long weekends, folks. The changes will go into effect for flights beginning October 6.