From the New Europe: About skinning children and feeding the raw flesh to relatives…

This week, I have had a few people ask me about this: What about the weird child abuse case in the Czech Republic? You know, the one where the mother skinned the children and fed their skin and flesh to relatives?

Um, what?

I honestly stopped following this case a while ago. It got way too complicated right after I briefly mentioned the case here, when I told you about a Czech woman in her thirties, who was living in Norway as a 13-year old boy. That was weird enough for me.

She is apparently a part of the complex case set near Brno, which now made it to trial. Police believe that he/she actually belongs to a breakaway faction of an organization called the Grail Movement.

The Independent, which actually reports on the story pretty accurately from what I can tell, reports that The Grail Movement follows the teachings of Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, a German also known as Abd-ru-shin, who from 1923-38 wrote the Grail Message, which depicts man as a being whose spirit can return to its source in heaven by performing good deeds on Earth. It claims to have at least 10,000 followers worldwide, including several hundred in Britain.

For those of you considering to avoid traveling to Central Europe because of all its weird abuse cases lately, such as the Austrian basement story: you’ve got a good point there. I guess they don’t make movies like Hostel here for nothing.

Seriously though, as nasty as Czech food often looks, please know we don’t typically feed raw skin or flesh to anyone.