Airline passenger swears, throws water, makes threats and hits an elderly man with a fork

In a truth is stranger than fiction tale, picture this: You’re sitting minding your own business on a Jet Airways flight from London to Mumbai, India. The engines are humming. Perhaps, the “fasten your seat belt” light has gone off. Luggage is stored and you’re settled in. All seems normal. But WAIT! The young guy in his mid-twenties who is sitting near you starts verbally abusing you and anyone within earshot. Then he ramps it up a notch and grabs at the breasts of the woman sitting next to him.

After she moves seats to get away, he continues on his rampage going from bad to worse. He stands on his seat for better a vantage point, perhaps.

When the male flight attendant tries to stop him, the passenger (allegedly) throws water in the attendant’s face and continues his verbal rampage.

He also threatens to throw his passport out the window (neat trick on an airplane), rips up his boarding pass, and hurls a fork at an elderly man.

Finally, the passenger is handcuffed and tied to his seat after the pilot asked for something to be done with the guy. Eventually, he falls asleep and wakes up right as rain as if nothing had happened. Regardless of his personality shift, after the plane landed in Mumbai, the police arrested him because of his behaviors. Now they’re trying to figure out what caused the outburst.

According to the article in The Times of India, the man is an engineering student.

For a video of the news story, click here.

Man sues United, claiming alcohol service caused him to beat his wife

A man on a flight from Osaka to San Francisco had too much to drink. Soon after landing, he started beating his wife. After he ended up in police custody and sobered up, he didn’t sheepishly apologize to his wife. Nope. He decided to sue United for serving him too much alcohol, which, he alleges, caused him become violent. The man, Yoichi Shimamoto, was arrested by police at a customs checkpoint after he struck his wife in the face half-a-dozen times. The suit alleges that United’s cabin crew served him wine at 20-minute intervals throughout the flight and that he was so drunk that he could not control himself. Shinamoto and his spouse are seeking $100,000 from the airline as well as more money for pain and suffering.

United responded to the suit, saying “We believe that a lawsuit that suggests that we are somehow responsible for the consequences of a passenger’s physical assault on his own wife is without any merit whatsoever.”

[via Today in the Sky]

From the New Europe: About skinning children and feeding the raw flesh to relatives…

This week, I have had a few people ask me about this: What about the weird child abuse case in the Czech Republic? You know, the one where the mother skinned the children and fed their skin and flesh to relatives?

Um, what?

I honestly stopped following this case a while ago. It got way too complicated right after I briefly mentioned the case here, when I told you about a Czech woman in her thirties, who was living in Norway as a 13-year old boy. That was weird enough for me.

She is apparently a part of the complex case set near Brno, which now made it to trial. Police believe that he/she actually belongs to a breakaway faction of an organization called the Grail Movement.

The Independent, which actually reports on the story pretty accurately from what I can tell, reports that The Grail Movement follows the teachings of Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, a German also known as Abd-ru-shin, who from 1923-38 wrote the Grail Message, which depicts man as a being whose spirit can return to its source in heaven by performing good deeds on Earth. It claims to have at least 10,000 followers worldwide, including several hundred in Britain.

For those of you considering to avoid traveling to Central Europe because of all its weird abuse cases lately, such as the Austrian basement story: you’ve got a good point there. I guess they don’t make movies like Hostel here for nothing.

Seriously though, as nasty as Czech food often looks, please know we don’t typically feed raw skin or flesh to anyone.

After incest scandal, Austria prepared to defend its image

What comes to mind when you say Austria these days? Whether you like it or not, it is hard to forget that the country has had two high-profile abuse cases in a very short time and they have shared some bizarre details.

When the first one hit the newsstands and the world found out about Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian girl who got abducted and and remained in basement custody of her kidnapper for more than eight years, people thought it was a fluke. Every country has its weirdos.

The recent abuse case, however, in which a 73-year-old man held his daughter hostage for over 24 years (also in a basement) and had seven children with her, made people ask themselves: Is there something very wrong with Austria, the country that gave birth to Hitler?

It is not going to be an easy PR campaign for Austria to win. Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer said today that he is prepared to defend Austria’s image: “We’re not going to allow Austria and its entire population to be held hostage by a single, barbarous criminal individual.”

Based on Austria’s recent history, I wouldn’t underestimate the power of a single, barbarous criminal individual. But that’s just me.