Record turnout for San Francisco Gay Pride this year

I happened to be in San Francisco for this year’s Gay Pride weekend. So did an estimated 1,2 million other tourists, including men, women and the currently undecided.

Lots of people came here this year to get married since it is now legal in California. Lots of people came to make political statements: “I am thirteen and I understand equality. Why doesn’t McCain?” Others came to criticize Boy Scouts of America for raising kids into homophobic adults. Yet another poster said “Christian + Gay = OK.”

It was especially entertaining to watch the unsuspecting tourists stumbling upon the parade on their way fromSan Francisco’s main tourist trap, Fisherman’s Wharf. Different city completely! Yeah, they sell cheesy T-shirts here, too, but they are more original. I mean, what little kid wouldn’t love a T-shirt that says: “I [heart] my mommies.”

One of my favorite people was the guy in the picture. Part backpacker, part nudist. I could only aspire to that kind of liberation.