Program that provides safe driving tips for parents and their teens

My daughter is approaching driving age. Gaad! Let’s just say, I’m not thrilled. Dings and dents abound in Columbus. This is a city. It’s not that people drive like maniacs, but there are many cars and many possibilities for an amiss to happen while navigating the roads. Dents and dings are the mildest forms of mishaps.

One day though, it’s inevitable; my daughter will be driving. To get her ready for the day when she hits the road on her own, I’ve come across a guide that could come in handy. In July’s Car&Travel: New York, a AAA publication, is a blurb on AAAStartSmart, a newsletter that is geared for teen driver education.

Developed in partnership with the National Institute of Health, the on-line newsletter, published every two weeks, covers topics such as driving at night, teen passengers’ seat belt use and drivers’ distractions. It gives tips to parents on how to set limits and what limits to set.

I can see how this newsletter might help illuminate the issues that occur with teen drivers to help parents know what to expect and how to prevent a problem before the problem ever has a chance to happen. For example, setting limits such as not letting a teen drive with other teens in the car since teens are a major distraction for teens.

To get the newsletter go to and register.