Metro logos from around the world

Thanks to Intelligent Travel that has a post on another blog, Prêt à Voyager, here is the heads up on a very cool Web site,, dedicated to subways, lists the various logos of metro systems from around the world and tells the cities where those metros are found. As it turns out, my logo memory is sad. Very sad. So sad.

But, as I browsed the list, I counted up the metros I’ve been on, and if my mind is not faulting me, which is a possibility, I came up with 24. I think. Some of the metros are under construction. The array of cities and countries is dizzying. Several are in the same country.

If you traveled in Taipei or Bangkok before and after the metro systems were put in place, and you’ve probably noticed what a difference a light rail can make. Traveling on both systems make getting around each city actually pleasant and has cut down on pollution.

Which subway logo is the one in the photo? The photo is from the metrobits Web site that features 171 logos so far.

Bilbao, Spain