Take a ride in a Zeppelin over California for $500

Ever wanted to fly in a Zeppelin? This might be your chance.

Airship Ventures Zeppelin, the largest airship in the world and one of only three Zeppelins in existence, is slowly making its way to California from Beaumont, Texas. The PR material on the airship says it is making an historic, cross-country trip, but not really: It’s going through San Antonio, Tuscon, Palm Springs and Salinas on its way to San Francisco, where it should arrive by the end of the week.

It’s the first time a Zeppelin has flown in US skies in 71 years. The journey to California is being dedicated to the memory of Steve Fossett.

The 246-foot-long dirigible will come to rest at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California, and will be used for scenic flights over region, including Sonoma wine country. It will operate between airports in Mountain View, Oakland and Sonoma. The balloon will also be used for special events, advertising and scientific missions.

The cost to take a ride? Around $500. Flights could start around Oct. 31.

The story of Airship Ventures Zeppelin can be found at this Web site, and in this exhaustive story from yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle.

You can also call 650-969-8100 for ticket information.