The best RV money can buy? Globecruiser Action Mobile

The Globecrusier Action Mobile sounds like something my 6-year old son would like for Christmas–one of those toys with all sorts of promises of playtime wonder.

Though, I have to say, for the $670,000 price tag, this RV certainly comes well equipped with the wonder factor as in a capital W. Like WOWZA!

This RV includes a satellite navigating system, the ability to go through all sorts of terrain–including water, and a luxurious inside despite its armored vehicle-like appearance on the outside.

The Globecruiser is featured in SQUOB, a newish online magazine dedicated to RVs, campers and travel trailers. Along with the shot featured here are several more photos that accompany the article that highlights the bells and whistles.

For anyone looking to find the latest styles and trends in road travel where you take everything AND the kitchen sink with you, SQUOB is a worthy stop.

One camper that caught my eye when I was browsing is Tonke, a road worthy vessel that combines craftsmanship and cleverness. There are other articles of interest such the one that provides info on how to make your new RV look not so new so thieves don’t bother.