Flee the cold at the Ritz in Naples, FL

It snowed today. It was cold and wet, and my feet were drenched by the time I got home. It sucked. My soggy, frigid feet felt even worse when my mind turned to a pair of Ritz-Carlton resorts in Naples, FL. The golf resort and the beach resort ooze luxury, and the airport is accessible from most major airports. JetBlue, admittedly not my favorite airline, puts Naples in reach (via Fort Meyers) from several cities in the northeast, and Delta can fly you in from anywhere, though you may make a quick stop in Atlanta.

So, why does all this matter?

I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, and it was one of the few times in my life I’ve actually felt relaxed. I’m not a golfer-at all-but I understand the courses are fantastic. Called Tiburon, they 36 holes are named for Greg Norman, whose nickname is the English equivalent (Shark).

A heads up from course pro Roger James: the second and seventeenth holes on the “Black” course (as opposed to “Gold”) are the toughest. I’m happy to take his word for it.

Over at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort, on the other hand, I felt right at home in the spa. The beach is probably the big draw, but it’s not really my style. Soak in the salt bath for a while, as I did, and you’ll feel like nothing outside that tub matters. Follow it up with a massage, and you’ll probably book an extra night at the hotel.

So, on a day like today, I couldn’t think about anything but sitting on that hotel room balcony with a glass of wine next to me and a cigar in hand. If you need a fast getaway for the nasty winter months, remember that there are some corners of Florida that cater to adults.