Interview with a Retro Stewardess

On my way home to Minneapolis for the holidays, I read this terrific New York Times article by Ann Hood on the good ol’ days of flying.

“I put on my apron with my name across the top, and I smiled at the people who had saved up their money, put on their Sunday best, and chosen T.W.A. It was not so long ago that flying had that civility, that glamour, when flying through the sky really felt like something special.

Having just braved the modern airways, I sat down with my mom, Barbara Scott (formerly Barbara Center), who was a stewardess for American Airlines from 1967 to 1977. You know, back when they were called “stewardesses.” That’s Mom in the picture, on the left.

Annie Scott: Whoa, Mom, check out that eyeshadow!

Barbara Center Scott: Well the other girl’s is like that, too. Don’t make me sound like a floozy.

AS: Okay. So, Mom, what did you think of that article?

BCS: I thought it was a tad Pollyanna-ish. It was not always glorious. It was sometimes awful.

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