Flight tracking for your iPhone or iPod Touch

If you’re a frequent flier and an iPhone or iPod Touch user, then you’re in luck. The latest version of Appropos Mobile‘s FlightTrack application will likely save you a lot of time and spare you of some travel woes and headaches.

For just a few bucks, you can get up-to-the-minute flight arrival and departure information through the easy to use FlightTrack application. No longer will you have to check the internet or call the airline to make sure a flight is delayed or cancelled. The user-friendly application will give you the most accurate information for you, the busy traveler. You can even check your own flight status and altitude in the air!

As an added bonus, FlightTrack Pro teamed up with TripIt, the online trip planner, to serve as your very own personal assistant. Once you plug in your travel details, the application will automatically keep up with and inform you of your latest and upcoming whereabouts.

The FlightTrack application has consistently ranked among Apple’s top travel applications, so there’s something to be said about user satisfaction. To find out more about FlightTrack or to download the application, visit this site.