Forget paradise, Hawaii could be the next space tourism destination

Although it would still be a heavy price to pay, space flights could leave from Hawaii as soon as 2011. My good family friend, Jim Crisafulli, a member of the State Office Aerospace Development committee, suggests space tourism could be an added appeal to Hawaii’s important tourism industry.

According to a local (KHON2) news report, space tourism involves a spaceship that will take off from Earth and take passenger up to 62 miles in space. You will not only experience weightlessness, but you will arrive at your desired destination in record time. It will take less than an hour to get to Japan from Hawaii and a little over an hour to get to California.
For now, the price for a ticket such as this will cost over $100,000, but by 2015 we might see reasonable ($5000/ticket) prices. The cost could easily make up for the awesome experience of being in space — as well as the extreme cut in time for travel to other destinations in the world.

Before this becomes a reality, Hawaii must apply for a space port license from the FAA. While other state have already processed such applications, Hawaii has the added appeal of being a paradise in itself.

Before you don that space suit and pay that hefty price tag, know that you will need to undergo a week-long space travel orientation — but that too is not such a grim idea, as between lessons you can sip on lava flows and mai tais on Waikiki Beach. Sounds like fun. Lend me the money and I’ll be the first to try it!

[via KHON2 News]