TARP Travel at Taj Campton

The life of a business traveler is nothing short of miserable (trust me; I did it for about five years). We look for as few things to go wrong as possible, and when things cut our way (which is rarely), the experience is nothing short of thrilling. The Campton Place Taj Hotel in San Francisco is finally treating the road warrior well.

This is strange. Most airlines and hotels really don’t give a shit about business travelers. They know that corporate travel agents and rate agreements lock us into certain airlines and hotels. Our plans tend to be inflexible, unlike recreational travelers. We often spend more money for less service. We know it, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Campton Place is willing to pretend, however, that they need our business. And, I couldn’t be happier.

In order to earn your travel dollar, Campton Place is offering:

• Welcome drink on arrival at Bistro & Bar
• Daily breakfast at the acclaimed Campton Place Restaurant
• High Speed Internet access (both Wi-Fi and Hardwired)
• One suit pressing complimentary
• Complimentary in-room Espresso machine / Tea maker
• Daily Wall Street Journal / New York Times / International Business Newspaper
• Complimentary use of in-house facilities (Business Center, Fitness Center, Concierge)
• Complimentary house car service in the mornings based on availability

As long as you stay for a minimum of two nights, rates start at $259.