Gadling gear review: Spanish Language Guide Plus

This very brief product review is going to show off a pretty neat iPhone application I recently took for a spin.

The Spanish Language Guide Plus offers several handy features in one; a 10 minute introduction to the language, a 550 word spoken reference and several sections dedicated to phrases you may need when shopping, flirting at a bar or on a work vacation.

The spoken reference guide is split up into eight sections (basics, introductions, directions, transport, places to stay, travel safety, travel health and food & eating).

In each section, you’ll find a well thought through selection of the kind of words and phrases you’ll end up needing when you are abroad (and don’t speak the language). The speech is very clear and the developers used real recordings instead of depending on speech synthesis.

The Spanish Language Guide Plus costs just $1.99 and is available in the app store (iTunes link). The price is right, the content is comprehensive and the entire application seems very well designed. Obviously, I hope they build on the quality of their Spanish guide and add more languages in the future.

After the jump, some more screenshots of the application. Pay extra attention to the “flirting phrases”, these people have obviously been around the world a bit, and know the kind of stuff that can really help you out. This certainly is the first language guide I’ve ever found that told me how to pronounce “I’m not just saying this because I am drunk” in the local language. You never know when that might come in handy!