Legoland hotel planned for Carlsbad

I haven’t been to southern California in a while, but it looks like I just got a reason to go back. A Legoland hotel is in the works at the theme park of the same name in Carlsbad, California. The city council approved the move this week. When construction is finished, a serpentine-shaped hotel will have 254 rooms, sit right next to the theme park and put Lego-loving nerds like me in the middle of an environment we’ve always fantasized about.

The basic rooms will have Legos printed on wallpaper and the carpets … along with instructions on how to build different Lego creations. The top-end rooms, however, will take the fanaticism to a new level: you’ll be able to live the Pirate Shores attraction in an appropriately themed room.

Unfortunately, an opening date hasn’t been announced yet, so we have to wait. This may be easier for the hotel’s target demographic – kids between two and 12 years old – than it will be for those of us who grew up with Legos and are eager to relive a creative part of our youths. Construction is said to be deferred until the market improves, after which it should take a year and a half to complete.

[Photo by joedecruyenaere via Flickr]