Photo of the Day (11.21.09)

Seeing as the Leonids meteor shower gave some of us a show earlier this week, it seems fitting to pay homage to the night sky this weekend. I love this photo in particular because it proves that the world still turns and time passes ever so consistently from one second, moment, hour, day, month, year to the next.

This lovely shot entitled “Tunnel View” comes to us from ohad*, who writes, “Shooting into the dark, I decided to shoot a portrait of Yosemite Valley. Half dome in the distance (with airplanes rising) and El Capitan on the left. Shot at 10mm f/3.5 for 601 seconds.” The different lines of movement from the lights of cars that cut through the dark valley to the rising airplane leaving its pink trace toward the heavens and the curving stars really make the world feel alive and allow us to appreciate just how beautiful it really is.

If you have some great travel shots you’d like to share, be sure to upload them to the Gadling pool on Flickr. We might just pick one as our Photo of the Day!