Cedar Fair offers road-trip worthy deal: 17 theme parks for $160

Cedar Fair Entertainment, owner of North American theme parks including Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farm, Kings Island and Carowinds, is offering its Platinum Season Pass for $160. The Platinum Pass is $90 for kids or seniors.

The pass offers admission to all 17 Cedar Fair theme parks and water parks every day they are in operation for the rest of 2010. The Platinum Pass also includes free parking for your visits.

It’s good at the following locations:

You can buy the Platinum Season Pass online at any of the Cedar Fair parks’ Web sites. In some cases, you get extra benefits (such as early admission, preferred seating for concerts, or food and merchandise discounts) at the park where you buy the pass. So you may want to buy it at the theme park you will be visiting most frequently this summer.