Spirit Airlines uses Steven Slater to sell seats

Irate JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater has gone from controversial hero to marketing tool, thanks to a new campaign from JetBlue competitors Spirit Airlines. Their new promotion advises, “don’t be blue, slide down to low fares with our $35 coupon.”

This isn’t he first time Spirit’s done some cheeky advertising: In 2007 they held a “MILF” sale — claiming the acronym stood for “Many Islands Low Fares.” Sure. And more recently, they attempted to capitalize on the BP oil spill with a campaign encouraging people to “Check out the oil on our beaches.” Blech.

While a $35 coupon isn’t really enough for us to travel on Spirit Airlines, it could spell good things for Steven Slater. After all, we know that Mr. Slater wants his old job back, but perhaps he should give Spirit a ring.