Minka Kelly flips out on plane when separated from dog

I’ve never been the most affectionate person with dogs (they don’t like me, I swear) so it’s difficult for me to empathize with those who get separation anxiety from their pets. Especially with pocket dogs. On flights. In first class.

Comfort totems are comfort totems, however, and like many people need their Blackberries to get through a flight, maybe some people need their dogs. That’s what happened late last week with Minka Kelly, one of the stars of hit TV show Friday Night Lights. Apparently separated from her pet on a flight boarding to New York, the actress blew a fuse, becoming hysterical and tangling up the departure process when a flight attendant took her dog back to coach just for takeoff.

Depending on the account that you believe, Kelly then either called her boyfriend Derek Jeter or her lawyer to help calm her down and rationalize her whole dog separation issue, partially with the help of several of the crew members and the flight captain. And all while the confused and irritated passengers looked on.

If only we all had access to a lawyer and Derek Jeter for our travel woes.

[image credit, Getty Images]