Expanded Delta Airlines seating options excite tall (and cheap) travelers

Think about your last flight: Were you comfortable the whole time, or did you feel more like a sardine shoehorned into a tin can?I’m always the sardine – guess that’s what I get for being six foot tall and cheap.That might be changing now, thanks to some old-fashioned airline innovation.

The Sydney-Morning Herald reports that Delta Airlines is getting ready to offer “economy comfort” seating that will offer four additional inches of legroom and 50 percent more reclining.

Better yet – the new seating class is offering free liquor.The price? An extra $80 to $160 each way. High-level Delta frequent fliers will receive the upgrades for free, according to the Herald.

Five aircraft models are set to get the new seating option, including the Boeing 767.This is probably the most exciting development since some airlines started handing out those delicious Biscoff cookies on early-morning flights. After all, airlines are finding any way to tack fees onto our fares, so why not spring for a little extra comfort while you’re at it?

The price really isn’t all that bad either – and this is coming from someone who has seriously considered hiding her dog in her purse to avoid the pet surcharge.Yes, I did think about it – and no, I didn’t do it. Would you pay the added fee for the extra legroom on your next Delta flight?

[Photo: JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images]