Video: ten crazy vending machines from around the world

To most of us, the vending machine is where we get a can of Coke or a bag of Cheetos – in other parts of the world, the vending machine is a grocery store, or a discreet porn retailer. We’ve collected ten downright crazy vending machines from around the world.

Machine number 1 is a pizza vending machine – and not just crappy microwave pizza – fresh made pizza from scratch! Looks delicious.


Condos, a Bentely, a 1965 Corvette? Gold plated handcuffs? Items from $10 to $1.2 million All available using your credit card from the vending machine.

24 hour casual hot food – the Japanese really do get the best vending machines…

Largest vending machine in the world – more like an automated grocery store.

More Japanese vending options – ice cream, t-shirts, socks.

Pets from a vending machine? Of course!

The usual lineup of soda, candy, porn DVD’s and used panties

In the future, all vending machines will be operated by humans. Literally.

Medicinal marijuana vending machine? Wild Cherry on demand. You still need to show your prescription once at the window, but the rest is all handled at the vending machine.

Live crabs “could also be sold this way” – obviously something we won’t be seeing in the US any time soon.