Richard Branson takes to the sea? Not as odd as it may sound

No, we’re not talking about Virgin Cruise Line but when billionaire Richard Branson talks, people listen. Last year, Branson unveiled a three-man submarine, the Necker Nymph, capable of going almost 100 feet deep. Today, Branson hinted at more water-related ventures at a southern California yacht club.

Tuesday’s announcement at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club on Balboa Peninsula says there is only one frontier left for Branson’s Virgin brand, which has reached “the seven continents of the earth, up into the jet stream and soon, even into space.” reports the Associated Press.

“If someone says something is impossible we like to prove it’s possible,” Branson said. “I love learning and I’m just very fortunate to participate in these kinds of adventures.”

Branson unveiled a new 18 foot submarine, the first of his new Virgin Oceanic adventure. The $17 million sub will make deep dives to be recorded and uploaded to Google Earth creating an “interactive virtual globe” that will “enable users to visit places that they’ve never explored, including the world’s oceans” said John Hanke, Google’s vice president of product management.